Transportable Personalized Commercial Modular Houses

14 July, 2022


Modular houses have potentsial to play essential role in the future of commercial construction. In a world of widely expanding e-commerce the question to transfer all commercial activity from conventional retail to the internet lies on every successful business owner. The potential benefits of engaging more customers with less effort and not having to worry about the hassle of managing expensive overheads are the main reasons why we see a lot of businesses making the transformation. Some might even say that stationary retail is entering a swift extinction period, but others are a bit more optimistic.

Retail-as-a-Service (RaaS) – Key to Achieving Trust

The main risks of transferring all business activity to the internet is that you will lose a lot of physical contact with the customer and this may result in loss of trust. That is why we see some brands, who are mainly recognized as an e-commerce, actually opening up shops or “service centers”.

The fairly new concept of Retail-as-a-Service (RaaS) is a very interesting and innovative approach to tackle the drastic change of consumer purchasing habits. Service centers are no longer aimed at selling vast amount of product but are more focused on introducing new models that can be inspected up close and providing a close-up customer service experience. The rewards are later reaped from increased internet sales.

Modular Coffee Shop or Store
Modular Coffee Shop or Store
Modular Coffee Shop
Modular Coffee Shop or Store

Akso-Haus Personalized Modular Houses

Akso-Haus, based in Estonia, has developed a solution to offer to our corporate customers. We call it transportable personalized commercial modular houses. They can be used for a vast number of different businesses including station shops, office spaces, service centers, convenience stores or even coffee shops and restaurants.

Modular gas shop
Modular Station Shop

Our timber modules are built at the factory on a reinforced concrete slab foundation with complete exterior and interior finishing. This means that there is no risk of weather exposure and continuous quality management ensures a flawless building process.

All the necessary electrical, plumbing and HVAC components are installed at the factory by experienced professionals. Even the furniture and other technical equipment can be connected in a controlled environment.

Modular construction
Modular Construction

The customer has a variety of options to personalize the modules to represent their brand including exterior cladding materials, lighting, doors, windows and interior finishing materials. Even the layout of the room can be changed depending on the needs. Everything to make the modular building attractive and recognizable to your customers.

Transportable Real Estate

When the construction is completed at the factory the modules are packed in protective plastic and sent on their way.

The good thing about owning transportable real estate is that when the need arises it can be easily moved to a new location. Maybe the initial place did not produce enough customer engagement and you already have a better location in mind.

Building permits and land rental agreements are also more easily obtainable when the structure is temporary. Why not run your business from a beach boardwalk during the summer and move it to the cozy countryside for the winter. The options are endless.

Station Shop transportation and installation

Automated Shops

Together with Finnish based RFID technology developer Nordic ID and Estonian architects KTA, we have developed a concept for a small fully automated shop. We wanted to offer something that will be very quick and simple to install and relocate when required. This concept model does not require any utility connections beyond electricity. The shop is based on RFID technology which is attached to most commonly used product labels. The desired products are picked up by the customer and automatically charged prior leaving the shop.

Akso-Haus autonomous shop
Automated Shop

We want to offer our clients flexible solutions. What could be more flexible than transportable and fully customizable modular buildings? Contact us with your project idea and let us work together to find you the perfect modular solution.

Get inspired from our design modular buildings HERE.

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