Factory-produced houses

and cottages

The modular houses which are completed in our factory are by far the fastest and most convenient way to acquire yourself a home!

The modular house with a foundation is completely built in our factory without concerns over bad weather conditions or a particular season. After transport and installation of a module house to your building location, you can immediately start enjoying the new home at once.

Why do we recommend Akso-Haus OÜ modular houses?

  • Experience over 1 000 000 m² Our experience since 2004 and more than 100 000 m2 of building objects. In addition, a continual quality control
  • One of a kind technology You can procure an entire house with a concrete foundation from us. Our modules are fully completed in our factories to guarantee the highest quality.
  • Flexibility Scheduling flexibility. Our unique technology allows us to transport completely installed house to another area years later and even multiple times.

Seven steps to a completed house

It only takes seven important steps to reach from desire for a dream house to a permit to use the property. Please have a closer look:
  • Finding a suitable house for the location:

    • Choose the house that suits your needs and check if it matches with the design requirements established for the building ground. We kindly recommend you to use the support of a specialist.
    • If the selected house matches with the design requirements then you need to check if it is possible to transport the house to the building area.
    • We kindly recommend to use the assistance from a specialist of the target destination county, who can advise you throughout the process, including any necessary documentation to be submitted to a local authority or administration.
  • The specification of the house and signing contract:

    • When determining the requirements of the house, you select the type of roof, exterior- and interior finishing and other options.
    • We agree on the production schedule and date of completion.
    • We sign the contract and you make the first payment.
  • House production:

    • We start building the house in our factory.
    • We kindly recommend you to use a construction supervisor who monitors the process.
    • You apply for a building permit.
    • You prepare the subsoil of your building ground, including the outdoor utility pipelines to the place we have indicated.
    • You make an additional payment after the foundation, walls and roof are completed in the factory.
  • The house is ready for inspection:

    • Depending on the size of the house it consists of one, two, or more modules. Houses which consist of only one module are 100% completed in our factory. Houses which consist of two or more modules are 95% completed.
    • You check-over your future house and make sure it matches your requirements.
    • We signe inspection act.
    • You make an additional payment after signing the act.
  • House transportation and installation:

    • The house is transported and installed.
    • The interior and installation of floors in their junctions are finished locally in case houses consist of several modules.
    • You make the final payment and prepare to move in.
  • Requesting a permission to use the house:

    • When the house is delivered we give You a ‘House Book’ that contains the usage manual,  information on maintenance and other documentation.
    • You can now apply for a permission to use the house.
  • Warranty:

    • The house will be delivered with two years of warranty.
    • You must report any deficiency you will discover in the first two years.
    • After the first two years we check over what warranty work needs to be done and we schedule an appropriate time for completion of the warranty work.
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