Modular house products for corporate customers

We are experienced in building kindergartens, schools, homes for the elderly, semi-detached houses, terraced houses, apartment buildings, offices, hotels, station shops, cafes, etc. with a concrete foundation or on a timber frame base.

The maximum width of a single transportable module is 7 meters an the length is about 15 meters. The transportation restrictions for the destination country may limit these measurements.

Design modular buildings

In cooperation with Akso-Haus and K,T.A (Kadarik and Tüür Architects), you can create a unique design concept that will meets your expectations!

Akso-Haus, a modular house manufacturer with a long tradition, and KTA, an internationally renowned architectural firm, decided to cooperate in the development of modern urban space modular buildings. From now on, the customer has the opportunity to submit his wish, from which KTA architects will create an interactive spatial vision. Akso-Haus offers technical solutions together with the execution of the work.

Building plan solution with 3D images from KTA architects. If desired, you can also order interior design solutions and exterior landscaping.

Akso-Haus, for its part, offers all solutions for technical equipment, building construction and installation of the modules.

The indicative price of the buildings can be determined already based on sketches and the analysis of the building plot.

The tripartite joint work of client-architect-builder in the building planning phase is the most fruitful form of cooperation. This ensures the creation of a project with a good architecture and realistic implementation based on the client’s wishes, which remains within the framework of the budget.

Kindergartens, schools, homes for the elderly

Terraced house and semi-detached house

Office spaces

Transportable Personalized Commercial Modular Houses

Modular houses have potentsial to play essential role in the future of commercial construction. In a world of widely expanding e-commerce the question to transfer all commercial activity from conventional retail to the internet lies on every successful business owner. The potential benefits of engaging more customers with less effort and not having to worry about the hassle of managing expensive overheads are the main reasons why we see a lot of businesses making the transformation. Some might even say that stationary retail is entering a swift extinction period, but others are a bit more optimistic.

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Automated Shops, Design Coffee shop or a booth

  • Together with Finnish based RFID technology developer Nordic ID and Estonian architects KTA, we have developed a concept for a small fully automated shop.
  • The shop is based on RFID technology which is attached to most commonly used product labels. The desired products are picked up by the customer and automatically charged prior leaving the shop.
  • Simple to install and relocate when required.

Shops, Coffee shops and Station Shops

Station shop transportation and installation

Collection house

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