Akso-Haus OÜ produces modular houses with or without a foundation since 2004. Our unique technology is applied to build the concrete foundation for a modular house in one of our factories. In this case only a cushion from crushed stone is needed for installing a modular house.


  • Our factories ensure better building quality. Using CE or FI label materials guarantees the highest quality standards.
  • We are certified by important organisations. Read more about on page "About Akso-Haus"
  • Our modules will not be released from the factory without a thorough check by our quality manager. Read more about on page "About Akso-Haus"

How is the house constructed in our factory?

Preparing ground and installation of the house

House with a concrete foundation

Depending on the selected house and the condition of the building ground it takes one to three days to prepare the area.

At first, grass and soil are removed. The next step is to lay crushed stone on the surface to create a cushion which is later levelled and compressed. At the same time, utility pipes (e.g. for water, sewerage, electricity) are installed under the surface of the building ground. These installations  can be done all year round.

After finishing the cushion, the house is brought on a special car to the building location and is ready to be offloaded with special devices. After the offload and placing the house to its target location, it is time to connect the utility pipes.

House without foundation

In this case, it is needed to create a foundation locally where the modular house will be installed on.

Transportation and flexibility

Regardless of the object’s foundation, the house is as much as possible finished in our factory.

For a house with a foundation, the concrete is poured in the factory and the house is built on top of it. Thereafter, the house is transported from our factory to its destination.

Our technology enables us to create a building with a concrete foundation in the factory and it also makes it feasible to deliver buildings in places that are difficult to access, or in a remote desolate location or because of other difficulties.

An even more unique aspect of our foundation technology is that it enables us to lift and transport the house multiple times to another place, at a later stage.

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Loading, transport and installation of modular houses

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