Producer of modular houses

since 2004

Akso-Haus OÜ has five factories in Harju county, Estonia, which consist of 11 500 m2 of production area. We produce more than 35 000 m2 of modules annually in our factories.

  • Unique technology

    All Akso-Haus OÜ modular houses, including their concrete foundations with all utility interconnection points are completely finished in our factory.

  • Experience 100 000 m2

    Many customers have already chosen our ready-made factory houses. In total we have already built over 100 000 m2 of volumetric modules.

  • Production capacity

    We have five factories spread all over Harju county where we are capable of building 35 000 m2 modules per year

  • Both at home and abroad

    Our module houses can be found in both Estonia and abroad, for example in Finland, Sweden, and Iceland.

Main activities

Our main activities are building schools and nurseries. We have produced modules for over sixty schools and nurseries between 2014-2019. In addition, we produce other essential social objects like elderly care homes, libraries.

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Production and technology

Akso-Haus OÜ module houses are unique because of their construction process. A house with (or without) a concrete foundation is built in our factory and transported to a suitable building ground.

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How do we guarantee the highest quality?

  • The production process is not influenced by weather. The ideal conditions in our factories, in regards to temperature, humidity and lack of weather exposure, guarantee the highest level of quality for our products

  • A brief and flexible building process. The application for construction- and building permit take place simultaneously which significantly shortens the whole building process

  • We have a continual quality control of the building process and used materials

How do we transport prefabricated house?

A NEW service – rent a building

Renting a building gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility. We offer buildings to rent which are suitable for cafes, shops, office spaces, accommodations or for any different purposes. For instance we would connect a number of modules for nurseries, schools or elderly care homes. The options are unlimited.

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Corporate culture

Our company unites generations. Our mission is to be environmentally friendly and to maintain a sustainable production process.

We value a highly integrated and supportive team spirit and a well-balanced family life.

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