Producer of modular houses

since 2004

Our technology can reduce a project’s construction schedule by up to 60 percent, when compared to traditional construction methods. Saving time means saving money!

  • Unique technology

    All Akso-Haus OÜ modular houses, including their concrete foundations with all utility interconnection points are completely finished in our factory.

  • Experience 100 000 m2

    Many customers have already chosen our ready-made factory houses. In total we have already built over 100 000 m2 of volumetric modules.

  • Production capacity

    We have five factories spread all over Harju county where we are capable of building 35 000 m2 modules per year

  • Export

    Our modular houses can be found in Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Iceland.

How is guaranteed maximum quality?

  • Weather independent construction process. The required temperature and humidity are guaranteed at the factory.
  • Shorter and more flexible construction process. Both construction and the application for a building permit take place in parallel, significantly shortening the entire construction process.
  • Consistent quality control over both construction and materials used.

Production and technology

Akso-Haus OÜ module houses are unique because of their construction process. A house with (or without) a concrete foundation is built in our factory and transported to a suitable building ground.

More about technology

A NEW service – rent a building

Renting a building gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility. We offer buildings to rent which are suitable for cafes, shops, office spaces, accommodations or for any different purposes. For instance we would connect a number of modules for nurseries, schools or elderly care homes. The options are unlimited.

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