Maintenance building for Nõmme skating rink

The Best Prefab House of the Year 2021 🥇Best Small Construction

This project is distinguished by its disassembly, which allows for seasonal use of the construction. The service building is built up every autumn and dismounted in the spring. Such a solution enables the successful recycling of the material and construction elements. The wooden frame of the structure is exhibited. An exciting and aesthetic example of how architecture works for the needs of the community and uses the possibilities of modern construction technology to create project for seasonal and temporary use.

Manufacturer (timber construction): Akso-Haus OÜ
Architects: Edina Dufala-Pärn, Martin Pärn, Sven Sõrmus / ISEASI OÜ
Engineer: Andres Lehtla / Kuupmeeter OÜ
Construction type: timber frame

  • Nõmme, Tallinn

  • 2018

  • 54,6 m²

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