Cottage Rahu

Asko-Haus OÜ has completed in cooperation with architects Kadarik and Tüür the Rahu cottage. We consider them and their inspiring vision as one of the best in Estonia.

The project itself was from a manufacturing point of view full of challenges. Asko-Haus OÜ, in cooperation with both architects have finished this wonderful cottage and we are very proud of the end result.

Many other people also valued the cottage as gorgeous and therefore it was awarded with the title “The best small construction of 2019″.

The cottage model was completely finished in 2019 and is currently available to client interest. Since then it has received great attention and starting from 2020 it is possible to view the cottage in other places in Estonia as well.

An interesting fact: This house is titled as “The best small building of 2019” and Akso-Haus has started designing that cottage with sauna.

  • Eesti

  • 2018

  • 58,3 m2