Modular house transportation and transportation survey

24 August, 2022


The first and most critical aspect of a modular build is to ensure that transportation of the modules to the location is possible. Akso-Haus modular houses on concrete foundations need to be driven to the final location of the house. That is why we always require that we receive a detailed location of the plot and a rough sketch of the location of the desired house to determine if and how the transportation can be conducted. The location of the house on the plot needs to meet the zoning regulations.

Modular house leaves the factory

Modular house transportation conditions

The road leading up to the plot must be at least 3.5 meters wide and carry around 80 tons. When transporting the building we require an obstacle free route of about 8 meters wide for one-module houses or 5 meters wide for two-module houses. The width of the required passageway will increase significantly in turns. Traffic signs, garden fences, trees and branches can be removed by obtaining special permits, power lines can be raised higher if required. To avoid traffic jams, modules are generally transported during the night hours. The modules are escorted by pilot cars throughout the journey to ensure a safe and smooth delivery.

All obstacles must be mapped and managed to further proceed with the project. We can give an initial assessment of the location after we receive the requested house model, cadastral code of the plot and location of the house on the land.

NB! Before signing the contract for the building, you must order a TRANSPORTATION SURVEY.

Transportation survey

Transportation survey – the road leading up to the plot is measured in both height and width, the options  for installation are discussed on location. To order a transportation survey, send your sales representative (or the name of the desired house along with the requested roof solution (gable roof or offset gable roof), also provide the cadastral number and location of the house on the plot. It is also strongly recommended to be present when the Akso-Haus installation manager visits your plot to receive conditions that need to be met before transport.

The cost of the Transportation survey is later deducted from the price of the house as a discount.

What transportation equipment is used to transport Akso-Haus modular houses?

A heavy haul trailer with an extended length of 22 meters and 1 meter high will transport our largest and heaviest modules such as design summerhouse „Rahu“ or residential house „ Maarja “. Some modules (up to 12 m long) can be transported by a low bed trailer (0.5 meters height) which extends to 25 meters . The suitable trailer for the job is selected based on the dimensions of the modules and the accessibility of the plot. Our modules weigh between 22 and 75 tons.

Inaccessible locations

For example, places where it is not possible to increase the width of the road. The road must be at least 3.5 meters wide to ensure that the wheels of the trailer can fit on the road. The passageway must be clear of obstacles in both width and height or in case of obstacles, can they be removed (trees, branches, hedges, fences etc.) E.g., in the picture on the left, it is very unlikely that the owner will allow his fence to be removed, and there are a lot of trees that need to be removed.

Places that we generally cannot reach with modules are e.g. in Tallinn, Kristiine and Nõmme, the reason is overpasses (height and weight restrictions), narrow streets – the trailer is unable to turn. Soviet age summerhouse areas have also very restrictively narrow roads (Muuga aedlinnak, Vääna-Jõesuu, Laulasmaa, Kloogaranna etc.)

Loading modules

Transport of modules

Installation of modular house

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