Ultra-fast construction - the house completed in 24 days.

Akso-Haus modular construction technology

Akso-Haus OÜ uses a unique technology for the manufacture of small buildings according to which the house/building is completed in 100% from start to finish indoors on a special plate foundation made of concrete and then transported by car trailer in its entirety to the plot desired by the Client.

The building will be completed indoors in 24 working days

With the new technology, it is possible to complete houses/buildings also from different manufactured modules. In this way, you can build larger-scale objects such as nursing homes, kindergartens, schools, shops, restaurants, small apartment buildings or entire villages and neighborhoods.

A 100% completed building is installed on the plot in a day

The technology supports the construction of various constructional solutions - wooden frame houses, stone houses, metal frame houses, lightweight concrete houses or log houses. Which enables compliance construction specifics and architectural features of each region.

With this technology, more than 500 houses have been built, transported and installed in Estonia, in Finland and in Sweden.

Check out the house samples in the gallery

The main advantages of our technology are:

  • SPEED - a special manufacturing technology, many times faster construction
  • QUALITY - construction indoors ensures independence of weather
  • LOW COST - enables significant savings compared to conventional construction
  • TRANSFERABILITY - the building can always be transferred elsewhere.

Areas of use

The modular construction technology enables to build buildings of a wide variety of shapes, sizes and complexity, which can be up to three stories high. Smaller houses are transported to the site in one piece, larger buildings are divided into modules, and they are put together on the site as a complete solution.

  • detached houses, semi-detached houses and row houses
  • up to 3-storey apartment buildings
  • office buildings, small warehouses
  • shops, cafes, restaurants
  • sales and information kiosks
  • summer cottages, sauna houses
  • huts for warming up, multi-purpose buildings for workers
  • kindergartens, retirement homes, social buildings
  • • border guard observation points, buildings of a temporary nature, etc.

Standard equipment

  • kitchen appliances (refrigerator, dishwasher, electric oven, cooker hood)
  • hall and wall cabinets
  • washing machine, electric hot water tank
  • sauna stove, fireplace with a module chimney
  • security alarm, communications, telephone and TV cabling, smoke detectors
  • ventilation and heating systems
  • general indoor and outdoor lighting
  • weatherproof watering faucet attached to the wall of the house

Moving will get a whole new meaning

Due to the building technology, Akso-Haus house/building on concrete plate foundation can later be transported to another location.

The modular construction technology allows the transport of buildings and our unique foundation technology enables to connect and disconnect our modules and lift then from the ground. After the removal, the buildings can immediately be used again!

Transportation of buildings

The building is delivered with a car and a trailer. In this respect, the dimensions of a module are limited - up to 7 m wide and 15m long, which makes the base surface area 105 m2.

Look at the pictures või videos on the transportation of the house

Plot preparation and installation

  • Building for the preparation of the plot takes 1-2 days depending on the complexity of the building
  • For the preparation of the surface under the building, the lawn and the soil are removed. On the surface is transported a gravel base pad that will be leveled and compacted. In the same phase, the ends of utilities (water, sewerage, and electricity) are brought to the planned house.
  • The installation work can be carried out year round
  • The buildings are delivered on special trailers and lowered on their intended locations with patented lifting equipment. At the same time, the communications connections are made

The technology belongs to Akso-Haus

This technology belongs exclusively to the Akos-Haus companies. According to global patent survey data, this technology is in only two countries in the world - Estonia and Finland. Our technology is registered in Europe under the protection of utility models. Read more about house manufacturer Akso-Haus.